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De Pantheon Getuige (Nic Costa, #3) David Hewson

De Pantheon Getuige (Nic Costa, #3)

David Hewson

ISBN : 9789026128202
429 pages
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 About the Book 

If you have read Hewsons work before, then I definitely can recommend this installment (3rd in the Nic Costa series)- if you like a well-written mystery that doesnt insult your intelligence, then I can recommend it to you and if you enjoy a good conspiracy yarn & a view of Italy, then you will like this one. If you want a cute little cozy yarn, skip it. I think Hewson writes mysteries the way they should be written, although I must say I had most of it figured out early on. Normally I hate that, but in this case, its okay...it was the getting there that was really the fun part.brief lookThe Pantheon, built by Hadrian in antiquity is the scene to which Nic Costa & his partner Gianni Peroni are called to investigate a murder. The most major snowfall in years is falling in the background, and the body has been covered by it. The dead woman has been positioned on the floor, and in her back is carved something that looks like Da Vincis famous Vitruvian Man (you know, the one with the man in the square in the circle). But wait...before you start screaming oh god, another DVC ripoff, dont. The investigation that follows leads our friends to become (unhappily) involved with the FBI, who are playing their cards very closely and not revealing more than they need the police to know. As Costa, Peroni, Falcone and Crazy Teresa get more involved, they realize that theres more here than meets the eye -- and find a mystery/conspiracy that it may not be healthy for them to become involved in.Very well done- I couldnt stop reading once I started it.read: 1/31/2006