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Mustat liput August Strindberg

Mustat liput

August Strindberg

Published 2006
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Who am I to say to Strindberg to get a life? But then again, thats all I could think of while I was reading this.The amount of energy he puts on hating, really makes me wonder.I didnt think it was social satire, more like obsession. All I read about was how much he despised Gustaf af Geijerstam. Okay we get it, you HATE him do you really have to write a whole book about it? Thats what diaries are for.The way he makes fun of the character Zachris from his ideas to the way he walks is just childish and more telling about Strindberg than Geijerstam.And dont get me started on his opinions about womens inferiority.Long and tiresome as it is, I really dont find any redeeming qualities in this book.