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A Tailored Suit 1 Eliseo Carva

A Tailored Suit 1

Eliseo Carva

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Dress socks, the thin kind. Bespoke shoes. Ties from Italy, made out of the finest silk on Earth.A tailored suit.Ivan is a busy executive flying in from New York City. Hes been charged guilty of workaholism, and must rest. So says his ex-wife. He doesnt like the town. The hotel is only okay. And he barely notices the clerk who cant check him in fast enough.Jack is a clerk manning the Residence Inn. Hes totally alone every night conducting the audit. He hates his job. But he loves the eye candy passing him by. Sure, a lot of the clientele is rude and spoiled. Few can be called hot.Ivan requests that someone come on up to check his radiator. Its broken. Jack goes to see if he can fix it, though he ultimately finds something else to fix...