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Eli the Elephant Stays Overnight Lisa Stroud-Collinsworth

Eli the Elephant Stays Overnight

Lisa Stroud-Collinsworth

Published July 10th 2013
ISBN : 9781481773638
28 pages
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 About the Book 

When I was young I can remember staying overnight at numerous friends houses. It was always fun because we got to stay up a little later, eat all sorts of fun snacks and talk until we fell asleep. Of course, as I grew older the sleepovers diminished. There were a couple of times in high school that included slumber parties and lock-ins and as I grew even older there were the occasional times I would stay over some friends house simply because it was too late and too far to drive home. Even as adults, we relished those times of waking up early to drink coffee and eat waffles with a mixture of syrup and peanut butter and planning our next get-together. After having children of my own, I was excited for them when they became old enough for sleepovers. My oldest son, however, had reservations. In fact, he put his foot down about not wanting to sleep away from home without mom. It took a lot of convincing to get him to work up the courage to stay overnight with a friend, and even then, he was home with me by midnight. He simply didnt understand that sleepovers were a mile-stone in a childs life. Eli the elephant had reservations about staying overnight at Gerald the giraffes house much like other children. Elis worries are the same: What if Gerald doesnt have my favorite book? I really miss my family. In Eli the Elephant Stays Overnight, Elis friend Gerald helps Eli overcome those fears by distracting Eli with a fun book, interesting conversation about bugs and a night light. Before Eli new it, he was fast asleep at his first sleepover. For some children, there is a real fear being away from home for the first time. I hope this book aids parents and caregivers to help children overcome their fears with patience, understanding and a little adventure.